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Thirty (2023)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


The gay romance series Thirty is so hot that you'll swear it's gay porn. But it's not! Following in the footsteps of Tyler Perry and BET+ shows, Thirty showcases Beautiful Black Men in all of their glory. The focus here is on Tyrin and Khalil. They're two gorgeous men who dare to experiment with their sexuality. They make lovin' look easy with their incredibly hot hookups. The best scene is a full pan of Khalil's (Bobby Musique Cooks) front side. His cock is so excited that it's verging on being erect! Tyrin (Brandon Moten) has the pleasure of getting his face within inches of that beautiful appendage. In another shot, the boys share a lengthy sex scene together, both showing their butts while getting into some kinky BDSM fun. Fun, flirty, Thirty, and dirty!