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Warrior (2019-2023)

Great Nudity!

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Word on the street is that Cinemax's 2019 debuting martial arts show Warrior is based on an old idea Bruce Lee kicked around (ba-dum-ching) Hollywood in the 1970's that never got made, although some Bruce biographers will tell you Kung Fu was a bit too similar to his ideas to have been a complete coincidence. The show is set in 1800s San Francisco where a Chinese immigrant named Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), who is also a master martial artist, has to become a hatchet man for a powerful tong in San Fran's burgeoning Chinatown. He's in the USA looking for his lost sister (Dianne Doan) but ends up recruited for help in creating a Chinese criminal empire. Needless to say, the white cops fresh off of fighting in The Civil War aren't too pleased with the Chinese gaining power in California, and are more than happy to take bribes, administer beatdowns, and operate outside of the law to bring them down. Suddenly, Ah Sahm finds himself in the middle of a violent war between rival Chinese gangs, the government, and all sorts of other groups who are well versed in butt kicking. Bruce, and Asian men in general have been under-sexed in Hollywood stuff, but not here! As the awesome bodied Ah Sahm, Andrew Koji is our leading man who practices his martial arts shirtless a whole lot. Hubba hubba show us those fightin' abs! He also has a ton of sex scenes that shows us his ass has gotten quite toned from all that butt kicking. Judo-n't know how hard those scenes have us! At one point, he fights an equally ripped Dean S. Jagger, who had us jagging off when he shows booty between a girl's legs, while Hoon Lee's heinie also appears during a sex scene. Throw in Ronnie Victor making it the year of the doggy with some lucky lady, a look at the tush of Tom Weston-Jones while he jumps some girl's bones, and ass from Chen Tang, Joe Taslim, and Telly Leung, and Warrior will have you undoing your black belt!