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Watch Out (2008)

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Based on the Joseph Suglia novel of the same name, Watch Out (2008) is the cautionary tale of when self-love goes too far. And it's got plenty of scenes for you to make love to yourself while watching! Shot entirely without permits, the film stars Matt Riddlehoover as Jonathan Barrows, a handsome man that wallows heavily in narcissism.  He has a strong attraction to his own body, which is evident by his sexual relationship with a blow-up doll that is modified to look just like him. Grab Mr. Man one of those if you make a few more! Since Jonathan is so attractive, he catches the eye of many admirers, all of which he quickly rejects and ignores. But good-looking doesn’t come without crazy, and it’s a matter of time before his mental instability leads him on a path to kill the world’s most popular pop-diva (Jillian Lauren). You go, girl! How hot do you have to be for an entire film's plot to revolve around you falling in love with your own image? As hot as Matt Riddlehoover, we guess. Matt Riddlehoover spends the majority of the film in the buff, baring every inch of his banging body. From having relations with the previously mention blow-up doll to jerking off in front of the mirror, Matt gives it his all. Yes, we see the entire erect piece as he strokes it straight into the sink and get to see the monster cock again when he's in the shower in case you wondered what it looked like soft. We'll suck on that think like a Hoover if Matt needs a diddle! Trying to match him skin shot for skin shot is the just as hot Jeff Graham Dylan who also shows off his butt while banging a chick and watching television, and he teases a look at his junk in a darkly lit scene. Looks like a fun night! We had just as much fun whipping it out to watch those scenes in Watch Out