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A Sense of Purpose: Fighting for Our Lives

A Sense of Purpose: Fighting for Our Lives (2019)

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A Sense of Purpose: Fighting for Our Lives (2019) is a drama that stars Tamara Woods and John Quinlan in a moving indie film from writer and director Jillian Bullock. In this indie drama, an army medic is back home and she is struggling to survive her day-to-day life as she battles post-traumatic stress disorder. It is a constant struggle to assimilate to civilian life, especially after she has been sexually assaulted by her commanding officer. Will she seek revenge in order to get through this? Is he disturbed by what he did at all? You will have to watch to see this drama with the tagline 'for some veterans, the real war begins when they return home' and that happens to be the truth here. John J. Quinlan plays Captain Jack who looks sweet even though he is supposed to be someone who did some pretty awful things. How could a sweet face like his hurt anybody? His face is sweet and his ass is even sweeter. We get to see that booty of his when this muscular army man is out of his uniform for a shower. He leans against the shower wall with his athletic thighs strategically hiding his junk. When the camera gets a different angle of his statuesque pose, we see his beautifully tight tush. Those are buns of steel! We see his abs of steel when he lays down on his side on the couch, wearing only his blue bulge. His bulge won't leave your balls blue.