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Keywords: Brief Nudity, White, Black Hair

Birthplace: Mexico City, MX

Date of Birth: 07/24/65

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Well if your dad is Alejandro Jodorowsky, you're probably going to have a somewhat weird career as well, which is exactly the case for the Mexican/French actor, writer, painter, playwright, and everything else in the art building at school, Axel Jodorowsky.  Born in Mexico City in 1965 to Chilean/French surrealist Alejandro Jodorowsky, Axel didn't really step into the spotlight until his dad brought him in with the 1989 mind bending horror movie, Santa Sangre, in which he cast his son as the lead and, in time, has become one of the most well known of his works.  Axel played the lead, Fenix, a circus performer who upon being released from a mental institution goes back to the big top to perform along side his mom and dad.  The only problem is, dad is having an affair with the tattooed lady, so mom melts off his genitals with acid, then dad chops off his mom's arms... Yep, that's the setup to his real-life dad's feature film! It takes an especially weird turn when Fenix begins to perform shows with his mom by playing her arms, which ends up with him murdering a bunch of people AS her arms.  Axel aka Cristóbal, only went on to do a few more movies with Miss Bolero (1994), Ciro norte (1998), and another of his dad's vehicles, The Dance of Reality (2013).  Lucky for us though, Axel didn't shy away from showing us everything in Santa Sangre, so if we ever want to see this half Hispanic, half French fox in the buff, we just need to fire up some surreal horror and buckle in for a true head screw feature film!