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Betty (2020-2021)

Brief Nudity

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Filmmaker and female skateboarder Crystal Moselle spun-off her film Skate Kitchen (2018), about female skateboarders navigating a male dominated industry, into an HBO series titled Betty in the spring of 2020 and returned for a second season in the summer of 2021! The show isn't about anyone named Betty, but rather derived its title from the insult used by male skaters against female skaters, in this case a quintet of ladies with differing personalities, all united in their love for the board. There's aspiring filmmaker Honeybear (Kabrina Adams), brash vlogger Janay (Dede Lovelace), the token lesbian and unabashed flirt Kirt (Nina Moran), rich girl weed dealer Indigo (Ajani Russell), and Camille (Rachelle Vinberg), the super serious skater who is the most determined to make it as a pro. Together, these rambunctious young ladies are out to cause a stir in the world of skating, while also trying desperately to make their way in a world that doesn't give youth a second thought. If they can make headway in the highly sexist world of skating, maybe they just might make it in the equally sexist world outside of skateboarding! So, it's basically like Girls if they were more focused on skateboarding and less focused on whatever Lena Dunham was always on about in that show. Another thing that separates it from that HBO series is the dearth of male nudity of any kind. In fact, it took us until the fourth episode of the second season to even get a shirtless guy on the show, when Andrew Darnell shucked his shirt to make out with Dede Lovelace!