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Big Love

Big Love (2006-2010)

Brief Nudity

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Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) owns a chain of hardware stores, has a great family and close friends.  He also has three, count ‘em three wives.  How he balances it all is the story of Big Love (2006) an HBO series that enjoyed a five year run.  Bill is constantly juggling wives in order to ensure that none of them feel neglected.  He’s trying to be a good father to his children and spiritual leader to his family.  He’s doing all this while trying to keep his polygamist lifestyle a secret.  Wow, that sounds easy doesn’t it?

Any man who has to keep three wives satisfied has to be naked most of the time, right?  You’d think so, but alas, there isn’t much nudity in this fine series.  There is talk about lovemaking, scenes leading up to and after the deed, but not a lot in the way of skin.  There is a homosexual subplot involving Bill’s nemesis and brother-in-law Alby (Matt Ross) that gives us a few shirtless and kissing scenes but they are few and far between.