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Battle Of The Bulge: Chris Hemsworth vs. Liam Hemsworth

They come from a Gland Down Under.

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Hung With Care: Just Some Hung Celebrities Because Christmas

We're feeling naughty.

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Top Ten Hottest Nude Scenes With Actors Named Chris

Do Chrises have the best penises in the world? read more >>

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The Top Ten Hottest Actors Named Chris

Which Chris has the best cock?

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So Chris Hemsworth is Going to Play a Stripper

Now this we have to see.

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Pedro Almodóvar Doesn't Think Marvel Movies Are Sexy Enough for Him

We can think of a couple of sexy superheroes... read more >>

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Top Ten Australian Actors Who Have Gone Nude

We down to go down on these guys from down under! read more >>

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We're For Sure Getting Shirtless Chris Hemsworth in This New Biopic

Hemsworth is about to be the Hulkster.

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We Have An Exclusive Pic Of DWTS' Jett Kenny's Ball Falling Out Of His Speedos

Kenny wasn't about to miss the opportunity to flaunt his Gay Gawd-given looks and hard work at... read more >>

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Top Ten Most Muscular Butts

Take a look at these buff butts

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Chris Hemsworth's Body Reportedly "a Distraction" in Bad Times at El Royale

It's amazing they even finished this movie without being distracted by those abs. read more >>

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Can Chris Hemsworth Get Any Hotter than in the trailer for Bad Times At The El Royale?

Spoiler alert: he takes his hotness to another level! And this is just the trailer.

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Did You Know Daddy Hemsworth is Hot?

Chris, Luke & Liam really take after their dad.

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An Ode to Chris Hemsworth's BODY of Work

Chris Hemsworth was on Ellen where she made a video that really celebrates Chris' BODY of work.

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Movie Nudity Report: Avengers!

For this week’s movie nudity report let’s get ready for Avengers with these sexy superhero studs... read more >>