Summer box office season is in full swing, and we're heating things up with a look at this year's biggest stars out of their clothes. The dual Hollywood actors and writers strikes pushed a number of big titles into the second half of 2024, meaning that this summer is chock full of A-listers... many of whom happened to deliver blockbuster nudity in their previous roles. Keep scrolling to see summer stars like Glen Powell nude, Hugh Jackman nude, Ryan Reynolds nude, Bill Skarsgård nude, and so much more. Welcome to the box orifice.

5.3.24 Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy

Gosling's role as Ken in Barbie catapulted him to a new echelon of stardom, only heightening the buzz around The Fall Guy. For as sexy as this man is, he only fell out of his clothes once - during a shower scene in Blue Valentine.


5.10.24 Owen Teague in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Up-and-comer Owen Teague headlines the latest Planet Of The Apes installment, Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes. In the acclaimed series Mrs. Fletcher, Owen monkeys around with two women in bed!

5.17.24 Jack O’Connell in Back to Black

Most people aren't aware that indie actor Jack O'Connell has delivered incredible nudity. He's finally getting his time in the spotlight with this Amy Winehouse biopic, in which he plays Winehouse's tumultuous lover Blake. Check out his lovely twunk cock in Starred Up and his aggressively nude role in Lady Chatterley's Lover. He was even a best cock of 2022.

5.24.24 Chris Hemsworth in Furiosa

Chris Hemsworth plays against type in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. Hollywood's good guy goes bad as Dr. Dementus. No stranger to blockbusters, Hemsworth previously showed his ass in the MCU movie Thor: Love And Thunder.


6.7.24 Will Smith/Alexander Ludwig in Bad Boys: Ride or Die

No movie's success was more uncertain this summer than Bad Boys: Ride Or Die. Would audiences pony up to see Will Smith in a post-slap world? Turns out, they would, and they did, big time. Smith previously slipped his balls in Wild Wild West while his costar Alexander Ludwig was our Viking fantasy in Vikings.

6.21.24 Austin Butler/Tom Hardy/Mike Faist in The Bikeriders

Austin Butler is the new bad boy of cinema, and this summer he follows up his roles in Elvis and Dune 2 with The Bikeriders, in which Austin plays a member of a violent Chicago biker gang. Tragically Butler is a dreaded non-nude actor, but you can enjoy him in peak physical condition in his teen series The Shannara Chronicles.

Boys Of The 2024 Summer Box Office: This Summer's BIGGEST Stars Nude

6.21.24 Willem Dafoe/Joe Alwyn in Kinds of Kindness

The new Yorgos Lanthimos film features a foursome between Jesse Plemmons, Mamoudou Athie, Margaret Qualley, and Emma Stone, but if you want to see the film's stars nude now, check out Willem Dafoe's dick in The Dance of the Sphinx and Chimera, or Joe Alwyn's many nude scenes in Conversations with Friends!

6.28.24 Tom Payne/Kevin Costner in Horizon: An American Saga

Kevin Costner ditched his cushy Yellowstone digs for his latest big-screen ambition - his four-part Horizon saga. Costner got naked in Dances With Wolves and Horizon costar Tom Payne got surprisingly gay in Cal.

7.5.24 Moses Sumney And Bobby Cannavale in MaXXXine

The third and final movie in Mia Goth's X trilogy enlists Italian Stallion Bobby Cannavale. No stranger to nudity, Cannavale shared his cannoli in Boardwalk Empire and Vinyl. Joining Bobby is the gorgeous Moses Sumney, who wore the holy heck out of leopard print manties in the controversial Lily-Rose Depp starrer The Idol.


7.12.24 Channing Tatum in Fly Me to the Moon

This moon landing conspiracy comedy stars everyone's favorite former exotic dancer as a NASA launch director—okay movie—but we prefer him baring his stuff on stage in Magic Mike!

7.19.24 Glen Powell in Twisters

Of all the actors on this list, no one came into his own in 2024 more than Glen Powell. Fresh off his success in Anyone But You, he's headlining the Twisters reboot. Get your manties twisted to Glen Powell's positively breathtaking butt in Anyone Butt You.

7.26.24 Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool Wolverine

For his third outing, Deadpool is under the tutelage of Disney (versus 20th Century Fox) for the first time. His collab with fan-favorite comic book character Wolverine is guaranteed to do numbers and the box office. Everyone knows that Ryan Reynolds got pegged in Deadpool, but hardly anyone remembers seeing his taint, hole, cock - everything - in Buying The Cow.

Boys Of The 2024 Summer Box Office: This Summer's BIGGEST Stars Nude

8.2.24 Josh Hartnett in Trap

The Josh Hartnett-assaince continues with this new M. Night Shyamalan thriller, and Trip Fontaine himself has a great nudity history spanning over two decades from 2002's 40 Days and 40 Nights to 2021's Exterminate All the Brutes!

8.9.24 Cheyenne Jackson in Borderlands

Video game adaptations are as close as one can get to a sure-fire hit in this current tumultuous marketplace. Bringing on gay superstar Cheyenne Jackson sure isn't going to hurt Borderlands! Jackson bared his booty in his iconic AHS: Hotel nude scene.

8.9.24 Dan Stevens in Cuckoo

Speaking of LGBTQ royalty, trans Euphoria star Hunter Schafer gets her shot as a leading lady in the horror movie Cuckoo. Costar Dan Stevens bared his booty a couple of times in the series Legion.

8.16.24 David Jonsson in Alien: Romulus

The latest Alien movie takes place between the events of 1979's Alien and 1986's Aliens. Star David Jonsson is not alien to nudity, having shown his cock and filmed a gay sex scene in one of our favorite series in recent memory, Industry.


8.23.24 Bill Skarsgard in The Crow

Bill Skarsgard distinguished himself from his famous family by nailing the role of Pennywise in It. Will his leading role in The Crow reboot cement Bill as an A-lister? If people supplement his shirtless content in The Crow with his penis reveal in Behind Blue Skies, we certainly think so.

8.23.24 Tomer Capone in Slingshot

Slingshot offers some solid counterprogramming to the gothy The Crow. Sci-fi buffs, and nudity buffs, can get their fix thanks to Tomer Capone, who recently delivered one of the many unbelievable nude scenes in The Boys.


9.6.24 Justin Theroux in Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is the long-anticipated sequel to the 1988 classic. Who better to scare up some big box office numbers than Justin Theroux? After all, we know from The Leftovers that Justin is no stranger to big things.

Boys Of The 2024 Summer Box Office: This Summer's BIGGEST Stars Nude