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Magic Mike (2012)

Great Nudity!

The Steven Soderberg directed Magic Mike (2012) stars Channing Tatum as Mike Lane aka “Magic Mike,” a thirty-year old Floridian who roofs houses by day and performs with a troop of male strippers at night. The beefy dancer desires to get out of the show to start a furniture-making business, but his crummy credit rating crushes his dream, despite having a sizable down payment. When fellow construction worker Adam (Alex Pettyfer) aka “The Kid” follows Mike to the club one night, the handsome hunk hits the stage as a substitute rump shaker, and becomes a smashing success, eventually honing his skill of partying, picking up women and making easy money. Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, and Pettyfer light up the screen with their magic meat seats in multiple scenes. The chiseled trio tempt and tease us with their gym-built bodies that will give you fantasy fodder to have your own magical moment. 

Top Scenes

Sexy, underwear, shirtless, bulge 00:17:47 Adam Rodriguez lapdances in his jeans, then jiggles that jelly in a metallic thong.
Sexy, shirtless 00:23:39 Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez and Kevin Nash rip off those shirts to break it down to 'It's Raining Men.' Hallelujah!
Sexy, shirtless, thong 01:02:00 Check out this montage of a thonged out Matt Bomer, performing full-body CPR, and Kevin Nash as Stripper Tarzan, King of the t-bar.
Sexy, shirtless, bulge 00:00:05 Leather-vested Matthew McConaughey grabs his pecs, booty and bulge in a demonstration of what the 'law-breakers' can't touch.
Sexy, bulge, shirtless 00:35:07 Slow-grinding Matthew McConaughey shows bare-chested newbie Alex Pettyfer how to shake those hips and stick it.
Nude, butt, shirtless, thong 01:39:10 Matthew McConaughey gives an epic striptease in a tiny thong in front a room full of very lucky ladies. Make it rain!
Sexy, shirtless, prosthetic 00:20:02 Bare-chested Channing Tatum explains the ropes to the newbie as Joe Manganiello inflates (a prosthetic) in a penis pump in the foreground.
Sexy, shirtless, thong Fully body-painted golden hulk Joe Manganiello is a statuesque work of teeny tiny thong art.


Adam Rodriguez

Sexy - as Titobulge, shirtless, thong, underwear

5 Pics & 2 Clips
Kevin Nash

Sexy - as Tarzanshirtless, thong

4 Pics & 2 Clips
Matthew McConaughey

Nude - as Dallasbulge, butt, shirtless, thong

13 Pics & 3 Clips
Joe Manganiello

Sexy - as Big Dick Richieprosthetic, shirtless, thong

7 Pics & 4 Clips
Matt Bomer

Sexy - as Kenbulge, shirtless, thong

10 Pics & 3 Clips
Channing Tatum

Nude - as Magic MikeSexy, bulge, butt, shirtless, thong

12 Pics & 8 Clips
Alex Pettyfer

Nude - as Adambulge, butt, shirtless, thong

10 Pics & 4 Clips

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