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Beach Rats (2017)

Great Nudity!

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The 2017 drama Beach Rats exploded onto the indie film scene and took the Internet by storm thanks to its salacious take on the gay coming-of-age theme. And does it feature delish nudity and hot and heavy man on man action? Like you even needed to ask. You didn't not click on this for its three-star rating!

Frankie (Harris Dickinson) lives in no man's land Brooklyn, where he and his down and out guy pals spend the majority of their time trolling the beach for babes and drugs. But Frankie can only get his rocks off by meeting strange men on the Internet, and even though his gay secret threatens his relationship with his mother and leads to some very awkward encounters with his girlfriend, he can't bring himself to admit that he might just be a homosexyual. Dickinson just happens to be drop-dead gorgeous, and just so happens to show off half peen and whole cheek in multiple scenes! You dirty little Beach!


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