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Unsolved Suburbia

Unsolved Suburbia (2010)

Great Nudity!

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Nothing in the suburbs is quite what it seems. Marty (Johnny Lockhart) is a senior in high school, and he’s bisexual. His girlfriend thinks he’s straight. His boyfriend thinks he’s gay. He’s constantly sneaking around his neighborhood, uncovering everyone’s secrets. When he discovers a murder plot, however, he must fight to protect both himself and the secrets he keeps from others.

Hardly ten minutes into Unsolved Suburbia (2010) we ourselves spy our first sight of nude flesh: our hero, Marty, endears himself to us by stripping down completely naked, showing off his thick stick before getting into the shower. A bit later, we get a look of Austin Moori’s huge dick as he gets out of bed, and right after that both Kevin Krivchuck and Christian Slate remove their play costumes to reveal their respectively impressive penises. Eventually Jett Lowe also bares his large member and equally impressive ass, and things get a little less explicit toward the end of the movie as we see Steven Christopher lets us look at his bulge in one scene and then his butt in another in which he makes out with a shirtless Kiyoshi Shishido. Mystery solved: everyone is naked in the suburbs!