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Few child actors have gone on to achieve the acclaim and success that Ryan Gosling has managed. Along the way he has melted our hearts in movies like The Notebook (2004) and broken our hearts in movies like Half Nelson (2006). He has also gotten our hearts racing as he flashed some skin in a few select roles.

Ryan Gosling isn’t known for doing a lot of nudity, but when he does he makes it count. In Blue Valentine (2010) Ryan crawls into the shower with Michelle Williams and shows off his buff body and great butt in a wet, hot scene. During Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) he plays the nudity for laughs as he strips down in the locker room with funnyman Steve Carell. We mostly see him shirtless with strategically placed people and items blocking his goodies from view, but his body is in tip top condition and you will find yourself wanting to melt butter across his flaming hot abs.

 “In real life sex is messy. We wanted to get under that wonderful messiness,” Gosling says of his sex scenes with Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine. Judging by how it turned out, and how great he looked doing it, it is fair to say he created the perfect, hot mess. He has come a long ways since his stint on The Mickey Mouse Club, but the juice has been worth the squeeze.


Blue Valentine Nude - as Dean
Nude, butt, straight 00:38:43 Ryan joins his gal in the shower and gives us a quick look at his behind. Nice! (19 secs)

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