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Chris Hemsworth got his start as a soap opera hunk in his native Australia before crossing the ocean to tackle Hollywood. Starting off with big budget reboot Star Trek (2009), before hitting pay dirt when he was cast as the God of Thunder himself in Thor (2011). Since then Chris’s career has exploded like an atom bomb with one hit after another. Now all he needs to do is show us what he is working with in those pants and all will be right in the world.

While he hasn’t been fully nude yet, the ever-buff Hemsworth has not been shy about taking off his shirt on-screen. In A Perfect Getaway (2009), there is a great shot of him swimming through the water then climbing out and walking away shirtless and soaking wet. For Thor, Chris took his fitness to a whole new level. His chest, abs, and arms are from another dimension, and just him getting dressed to look like a normal person is enough to make you melt.

There's no rush for Chris to show us his nude bod, but we do love that he goes naked in Rush (2013). We don't see his junk, but we see plenty of his tan-lined ass! He goes for a peen slip joke in Vacation (2015) when his rod slips through his tight swim trunks for a vacation pic with his sweetie. We don't know if that's Chris' real dong, but we like the suggestion! He also packs a lot of bulge on this trip as he walks around and stretches in his boxer briefs. 

With more Thor and Avengers movies in the works, and Chris’s career looking as though it will not be cooling down any time soon, we can just cross our fingers and hope he does a nude scene in the near future. If he could keep the sexy shirtless scenes coming as an appetizer, that would be nice too!

Rush Nude - as James Hunt
Nude, butt, shirtless 00:04:26 Don't be in a rush. If you're patient, you'll get some Hemsworth ass at the end of the scene. (50 secs)

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