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If you love David Corenswet, You'll LOVE 20-Year-Old Henry Cavill

He ain't called CorensDRY!

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COMING TO DVD and BLU-RAY: Rocketman, Ma and Dogtooth 8.5.19

Finally! Rocketman is here to launch our rocket. read more >>

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Richard Madden's Top Ten Hottest Scenes In The History Of Ever

Basically Richard Madden is Mr. Man goals ATM, so here are 10 scenes that will make you Madden... read more >>

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Movie Nudity Report: Rocketman, Ma, Gozilla and Domino 5.31.19

Who's hungry for man meat?

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R.I.P. to the Nude Dudes of Game of Thrones

The dudity of the dead in Thrones will live in our boners forever read more >>

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Taron Egerton Described His Kiss with Richard Madden as 'Exciting'

Will these sexy scenes stay in the movie? read more >>

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Mr. Man's Game of Thrones Nudity Review, Part One

Game of Thrones came out swinging with its swords. read more >>

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2019 Golden Globe Winners Nude

Can we give another award to these guys for their dudity? read more >>

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Top Ten Trending Celebs on Mr. Man Right Now

Stay on trend with these hunks!

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Taron Egerton Talks Upcoming Sex Scene With Richard Madden in Rocketman

Keep talking, Taron. We're listening...

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Richard Madden Reads Thirsty Tweets in His Sexy Scottish Brogue

He's giving us some dirty ideas!

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Let's Play Guess Those Buns!

We've got a serious crush on this tush! read more >>

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Man Crush Monday: Richard Madden

Our #MCM Richard makes our Mondays longer and harder - in the best way! read more >>

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Happy Birthday, Richard Madden!

Richard Madden's birthday is today which means we can celebrate his perfect derriere!

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Game of Bones Recap: The Hottest Guys From GoT (So Far)