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Brigands: The Quest for Gold

Brigands: The Quest for Gold (2024-)

Brief Nudity


The Italian Netflix series Brigands: The Quest For Gold is the gender-swapped Robin Hood for a new generation!  Michela De Rossi stars as a fiery woman named Filomena who leaves her old life behind to search for gold, which she intends to use to help the needy. The gold she's searching for was stashed away by the Italian general and revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi. But Filomena isn't the only one on this quest for gold, and she encounters a group of bandits during her travels. The two groups become one, and she works together with the boys to find the gold. Marlon Joubert is quite the looker but he only goes so far as revealing his hairy chest in some shirtless shots. It is up to Andrea Mautone to help Brigands earn its two-star rating. He briefly flashes frontal and gives a whole lot of ass while hopping out of the bed he was sharing with another nude man. It looks like he's on The Quest for Cock!