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Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire

Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire (2022)

Brief Nudity


"To whom do we owe our fidelity? To our partner or to ourselves?" This is a question that college professor Carlo (Michele Riondino) asks his class in the Italian Netflix Original Series Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire, which debuted on the streaming service on Valentine's Day 2022. It could also serve as the central question behind the entire series as Carlo and his wife Margherita (Lucrezia Guidone) deal with the notion of faithfulness in a marriage. Despite being the picture of happiness on the surface, the couple is dealing with a lot of issues, namely whether or not Carlo has had any dalliances outside of their marriage. The very question causes both partners to explore whether or not they're meant to be together... by basically banging everyone in sight. Michele Riondino bares her beautiful butt while having sex with Carolina Sala in the show's fifth episode, while Lucrezia Guidone steps out on him with Leonardo Pazzagli later in that same episode, with Leonardo briefly baring his buns in bed!