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Cruising (1980)

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Gather round baby gays and Gen Z genderqueers, it's time for Mr. Man to give you a history lesson. Back when being gay was far less socially acceptable than it is now, gay men (especially the ones who pretended to be straight) would often go "cruising" and look for other gay men to have sex with, usually in public places like rest stops, parks, hiking areas and even mall bathrooms. AIDS and the apps might have killed it, but we do have the Al Pacino crime flick Cruising (1980) to remind us of the good old days. In William Friedkin's film, Al plays Detective Steve Burns, a New York cop struggling to stop a serial killer that's luring gay dudes to motels, tying them up, and stabbing them to death. Since young Al Pacino is so handsome, he is sent into all the hottest gay spots as a dick loving decoy to lure the killer into the open. He must learn the signals, practices and haunts of the leather world, while being almost completely cut off from the Department and his girlfriend (Karen Allen). Along the way, his new behaviors start to change him. As he grows close to his gay playwright neighbor, Ted (Don Scardino), Steve starts to sympathize with the gay community and how they're treated by the police, or at least, that's what it looks like until the film's ambiguous twist ending. This critically loathed film was not well received by the gay community, who actually tried to get filming shut down a few times. But those issues are all in Cruising's rearview, so we can all sit back and go for a cruise on the SS Skin Scene. It is raining men of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles in this leather-bound buffet of buff men. If you're looking for a big, strong man to protect you, you can't do much better than the beefy Henry Baker Budd. This black beefcake in a cowboy hat even shows his buns while in a jockstrap! Richard Cox is a long and lean dream when the thin babe goes shirtless, while Arnaldo Santana shows his ass when he's stripped down and tied up by the serial killer. There's also James Remar in some tighty whites and a quick look at Jay Acovone you'll want to watch alone since we see a bit of butt. But while other asses have more prominent placement, Pacino’s patooty is the most iconic. Al ends up tied down on a bed with his booty in the air! That ass has Mr. Man looking to hop in the car and go out Cruising for an oozing!