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Crunch Time

Crunch Time (2016)

No Nudity

Top Scene


When a group of grad students decide to use big, serious science for petty reasons, bad things happen. Their crazy actives are chronicles in the comedy show Crunch Time. Things start off innocently enough with jokes and pranks, but when the brilliant, yet not-so-worldly, group creates a small black hole, the U.S. government tracks them down and wants to control their invention.

Byron Brown strips down to his boxers and jumps into bed with a much older woman while a crowd cheers them on. We get a good look at Byron’s hairy chest and nice body. Speaking of being in bed, Nicholas Rutherford finds himself in bed with three lovely ladies while wearing just some very tight, small underwear. He chats with a guy using a hidden earpiece microphone while we check out his body and bulge.