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Dafne and the Rest

Dafne and the Rest (2021)

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Do you ever find yourself living with a pornographically hot Spanish man, falling in love with that Spanish man, all the while having sex with tons of other sexy Spanish men? Literally same tho. This is the case for the lovely Dafne - played by Abril Zamora - in the fantastic Spanish-language HBO series Dafne and the Rest. Dafne feels like her life is falling apart, but through all of the messiness, she knows one thing to be true - she's head over heels in love with her male roommate César - played by the insanely hot and hunkilicious Juan Blanco. In fact Dafne is so into César that she has an erotic dream about him in the second episode of the series. They both wear white as she takes a heavenly spin on the dancefloor with the shirtless César. This is why women and men can't be friends! Dancing erotic dreams! The great thing about Dafne and the Rest is that it encapsulates what so many of today's thirty-somethings are feeling. We get to meet all of Dafne's Millennial friends, and they're all struggling with love, life, and jobs. It's really a great show for anyone who loved New Girl, My Boys, Girls, and heck, we'll throw Happy Endings in there as well. But unlike all of those prudish entries (except for Girls), we get some hot male nudity in Dafne and the Rest! Raúl Mérida shows a good portion of his sweet fat ass while getting a BJ from Dafne. The man of her, and our, dreams Juan Blanco shares his achingly perfect shirtless bod, and Jon Arias goes shirtless in the sac. Rest in crease, my friends!