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He looks so sweet, but we know he has a naughty side. We are talking, of course, about the Spanish sexpot known only as Pepe Lorente. He hails from the city of Zaragoza, Spain, which is known for being beautiful. He is likely the most beautiful thing to come out of that already world-renown and beautiful city. That's how strikingly gorgeous this handsome hunk really is. Now that we have showered him with praise for his looks, we can do the very same for his acting career. This talented hottie started acting in 2005 when he starred in some short films before he had a breakthrough role in the TV series U.C.O. in 2009. From there he kept up his accolades by racking up roles on his resume in Familia (2013) as Daniel, The Liberator (2013), The Time in Between (2014), Pornobrujas (2011) as Carlos, The Candidate (2018) as Pepe, Elite (2019) as a police inspector, Ignatius of Loyola (2016), Risen (2016) as Thaddeus, y much much mucho mas. He is definitely working hard and it is making us hard. We are dying to see him nude and we still have to wait - but we have gotten close! He played Juancho in the TV show Everything Else aka Dafne and the Rest. In one steamy scene, he bangs a babe in the shower from behind. He remains shirtless and sexy as he goes to town on her from the back. That's all we see, though. We hope that someday we can see Pepe's peepee.