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Dans Paris

Dans Paris (2006)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


When Paul breaks up with his girlfriend he moves to Paris to live with his father and brother only to find that they both have deep seeded emotional problems that send Paul into a state of depression.

Dans Paris (2006) has some pretty heavy themes, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on the nudity. His brother (played by Louis Garrel) is a womanizer who has plenty of hot, erotic trysts so we see him out of his clothes on several occasions including one scene where his tight apples thrust into a woman he brings home while drunk. The next morning he gets out of bed, stilly groggy from the night before, and exposes his massive bush and dangling meat log. His bush is so big it nearly covers the dong, but there is still plenty of meat on display. Romain Duris gets in on the fun and shows his narrow, firm ass and even gives us a quick view of his twig and dangling strawberries.

It is a little dark and heavy, but Dans Paris is also loaded with male nudity that is so hot it will have you ready to smother some cream on your croissant.