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Dead of Summer

Dead of Summer (2016)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Covering the much traveled territory of a group of attractive young people in a camp getting slaughtered by a bad guy, the TV series Dead of Summer tries to breathe new life into the genre. Set in the 1980’s, a group of young people head off to Camp Stillwater for summer sleepaway camp. There they kiss, sneak booze, hook up, and have fun until the camp’s deep, dark secret awakes and begins hunting down the campers.

Ronen Rubinstein will have the deep dark secret in your pants bursting free when you check him out as he unpacks his clothes with his shirt off. His washboard abs are in full effect as he cuts tags from his clothes. Later Ronen and Eli Goree strip down to their underwear along with several other campers for a late night dip in the lake. We get a nice view of Ronen’s upper body as he runs. Eli shows off his muscular frame and impressive bulge as he stands in his underwear working his camera.