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Detroit Rock City

Detroit Rock City (1999)

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Set in Cleveland, Ohio, 1978, the KISS-themed comedy Detroit Rock City (1999) follows four teenage boys—Hawk (Edward Furlong), Lex (Giuseppe Andrews), Jeremiah (Sam Huntington), and Trip (James DeBello)—as they make their journey to Detroit to see their painted up rock and roll idols in concert, when they win tickets to the gig through a radio giveaway contest. Getting to The Motor City becomes a bigger challenge when Trip flings some pizza out of the car window and hits the car driven by two rude Disco dudes, Kenny (Nick Scotti) and Bobby (David Quane). No matter the obstacles placed in front of them, the four hoods will do whatever it takes to see KISS in concert, even if it means doing a striptease for a room full of horny ladies, a scene which gives us shirtless, underwear-clad moments from Edward Furlong and Christopher Lee Clements.