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For All Mankind

For All Mankind (2019-2022)

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For All Mankind (2019) takes place in an alternative timeline, one in which the Soviet Union had beat America during the 1960s space race and had landed a man n the moon first. It's 1969 and now that the Soviets have beaten the Americans at landing someone on the moon first, NASA has a whole new set of challenges ahead of them. They fear that the cold war will be launched straight into space and that Russia might colonize the moon or something, so Americans try to get their butts into gear at NASA to get much more ambitious with their goals in space. Will one nation dominate the other when it comes to dominating space? Is this race truly for all mankind...or just for the powerful leaders of a few select nations? You will have to watch this series to see, but there is one extra special reason for watching. And that reason is Casey Johnson. In season two, Casey has a scene where he gets up from bed shirtless to show off his chiseled abs and pecs. Watch this stellar sexpot get up without his shirt for the love of all mankind. Forget space. Why are they all trying so hard to explore space when there is a perfect human specimen on Earth and that specimen is Casey Johnson? If only Casey would drop his trousers and show off his johnson. Then we would have no reason to leave the house. Please do it, Casey. Do it For All Mankind.