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Fugitives (2011)

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Fugutives (2011) is aChilean crime drama that was on the air from 2011-2013 and is filled with action, adventure, crime, intrigue, and hot guys. Hey, we like all of those things - especially that last part. This series tells the story of a failed drug trafficking plan that leads authorities to hunt after the four men who were responsible. They go on the run and hide out in remote parts of Chile to run away from the law and the drug mobs that are after them. While on the run, they are contracted to do a shipment of cocaine from Bolivia to Chile. Drugs, drama, and escape are the name of the game in Profugos (the Spanish title). If you love men from South America, then you'll really love seeing these Latino sexpots show off what's south of their borders.Pablo Kröghplays El Chele who goes shirtless and sexy when his hands are tied above his head with a rope. That's kind of kinky. This scene might be your jam if you are into bondage or S&M because he is tied at the wrists and being lightly tortured. If you want something more sensual, then watch Nestor Cantillana who gets butt-naked in a gay sex scene outdoors. He bangs a lucky dude against a tree with both of them showing their asses as their pants are down by their ankles. Check out Cantillana's can as he thrusts his buns into this dude. This scene will give you wood!