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El Presidente

El Presidente (2020-2022)

Brief Nudity

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Oh Chile, the beautiful land of poets!  Despite all the genius poets coming out of this South American heaven filled with hotties, there is also a history surrounding one of the most memorable sports corruption scandal of all time.  Back in 2015, when the US government was digging into possible corruption scandals within the world of FIFA soccer worldwide, Chile played a central role in that investigation and this Amazon Prime series follows the El Presidente who was at the center of of the investigation and became an FBI informant, causing heads to roll worldwide when the world of football was turned upside down.  This series centers on Sergio Jadue (Andrés Parra), who was basically an unknown in the world soccer as he was a lowly B-league team President, but managed to work his way up to be the President of the Chilean National Soccer Association, then turns states evidence when he sees the dirty underbelly of the soccer world and FIFA when he climbs the ladder of success.  All in all, he saw the writing on the wall of corruption for the elites of FIFA, and that writing was worth about $150 million smackers a year!  Well it wouldn't be a worldwide scandal is there wasn't some illicit sexual stuff going on behind closed doors as well, and we most definitely have that when Andrés Parra and Alberto Ajaka share an onscreen smooch, but also Alberto shows us his buns while running into the ocean nude.  We also get to see Cristobal Tapia Montt in the buff while coming out of the shower, so there is some solid, albeit brief, nudity in this South American series as well!