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Black Mirror

Black Mirror (2011-2023)

Brief Nudity


The Twilight Zone gained notoriety for brilliantly reflecting current real-world anxieties through compelling allegory all the way back in the 1960's. Debuting in 2011 on Channel 4 before switching to Netflix in 2016, the British anthology Black Mirror sought to pick up where Zone left off by using science fiction to show what stuff like technology and social media is doing to us. So, you'll have episodes like "The Entire History of You" which was written by Succession creator Jesse Armstrong, and centers around the ramifications of a world where you can replay all of your memories on a TV screen, as well as stuff like "Be Right Back" where a woman uses an AI living doll to take the place of her dead husband (Domhnall Gleeson), and the critically adored "San Junipero" about old ladies uploading themselves into an eighties beach town that acts as their defacto heaven. In addition to reflecting issues plaguing the nation in the 2010s, the series reflects some hot nude dudes as well. Just what was on our minds! As the head villain in the killer social media hashtag episode "Hated in the Nation," Duncan Pow shows ass while undressing, while Malachi Kirby goes nude in multiple scenes of "Men Against Fire" an episode all about soldiers killing mutants! In season 4, we see Daniel Lapaine show off his bare ass during sex with a girl while he experiences both male AND female orgasm, plus George Bladgen using a consent app while he's shirtless to get the party started. Anthony Welsh is in the tub, giving us a good look at his upper bod in the episode "Crocodile", while in the Star Trek inspired "USS Callister" Jesse Plemons stands shirtless in a lake, and Jimmi Simpson pulls down his pants to show this his character has absolutely no penis! That's a shame. Black Mirror will have you doing some serious reflection with a massive erection!