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The Neighbors

The Neighbors (2012-2013)

No Nudity

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Set in New Jersey, the ABC sitcom The Neighbors revolves around the Weaver family that has recently moved into the gated community of Hidden Hills. While the neighborhood is beautiful and safe, the Weavers soon discover that the entire community is compromised of extraterrestrials. Like all good aliens, the out-of-this-world neighbors have some crazy quirks: they’ve adopted the names of famous athletes, secure nourishment through their eyes and mind by reading; there’s no need for food, and they cry a green goo from their ears! Also, to revert back to their alien appearance they clap their hands above their head. Yeah, the creators of this show must’ve been hooked on some sort of amazing drug to come up with some of these ideas! Stuck on Earth for the past ten years, the sports-themed aliens are awaiting instructions to return back to their home planet.

The show may be funny, but it’s short on skin. In a funny scene, Tim Jo shows off his fine physique while taking a dip in a kiddie pool. Tim is sex-tra special!