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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015-2019)

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The reviews for The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend use the word “crazy” in about every way you could think of, from “This show might be crazy enough to work!” to “You’ll have a crazy good time!” As you can tell, A) the reviewers need some new material and B) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is getting an overwhelmingly positive response from critics. Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) leaves her powerful job and fancy digs in NYC to follow a possible love interest to California. Good for her. The show incorporates musical numbers and stands out from the slew of other network programs for its frank humor and lightning-speed execution. Luckily the men in Rebecca’s life are beyond beautiful, and include the delicious David Hull and the vivacious Vincent Rodriguez III. Vincent gets sexy in an episode called “Where is Josh’s Friend?” and shows off his chiseled chest while lying shirtless in bed. Vincent loses his shirt again to make out with Rachel Bloom on a car in “Paula Needs to Get Over Josh!” We just can’t get over Vincent! The delectable David Hull gets naked too. In season 1, episode 3, skip to the 2 minute and 45 second mark to see a whole lot of Hull as the shirtless stud cooks up some sexiness in the kitchen! Just so we don’t feel left out, here we go… David will drive you crazy!