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Now Apocalypse

Now Apocalypse (2019)

Brief Nudity

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With "New Queer Cinema" master Gregg Araki and Slutever founder Karley Sciortino behind the wheel, it's not exactly shocking that Starz's Now Apocalypse (2019) was a sex filled sci-fi trip of a TV show for the sole season it aired. Ulysses (Avan Jogia) is a handsome dude who thought he had leading man good looks when he headed to LA to make it in the movies, but these days he does temp work. But he's not the only failure in town! His roomie Ford (Beau Mirchoff) is a trust fund baby who can't sell any of his screenplays, but still has a hot French scientist girlfriend (Roxane Mesquida). Uly's closest female friend is also a failed actress (Kelli Berglund), but she's a cam girl with a boyfriend (Desmond Chiam) who specializes in playing corpses in crime shows. Uly's life is a dull one, until he starts having vivid visions of the apocalypse after boning a dude he thinks was the archangel Gabriel. But Ulysses loves weed, so his friends are rather hesitant to believe he can see the future. Will Uly save the world before the end times or does he just need to say no next time a buddy offers him a bong hit? Whether his visions are real or not, Avan Jogia makes our dreams come true when he and Tyler Posey make out in an alley and Tyler wants to see him again, so Tyler suggests they do only hand jobs and save the rest for later. Dude, don't be a prude! Avan gets busier with Max Marshall, but the two are interrupted when the guy's husband comes home. It's like a classic porn situation! Avan slips on his shorts, showing us his ass before he flees, and Max spins around to bare his sack before he gets under the covers. These sexpots sure are sneaky! Babe Beau Mirchoff hangs out with Avan on the beach and Avan dreams that this chiseled bulge-tastic beauty starts kissing him and proposes that they go screw in the bushes. Check those dicks for ticks! At least we see Beau's beau-tiful hairy ass during the fantastic fantasizing! Throw in Jacob Artist's fine body in his blue boxers, Desmond Chaim bending over bareass to show a blonde babe his rump, and more, and this one will have you hoping when the rapture comes you'll be left behind with all these fine behinds! Now Apocalypse? More like wow, apocalypse!