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Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Jean-Claude Van Johnson (2017)

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What if The Muscles From Brussels wasn't just an action star on the big screen, but a world saving secret agent in real life? Amazon Prime's megahit blockbuster TV show Jean-Claude Van Johnson spin kicked off in 2016 with just that premise. Starring Jean Claude Van Damme as himself, the idea of the show was that JCVD is actually a man named Jean Claude Van Johnson, who uses his cover as movie star Jean Claude Van Damme to disguise the fact that he's actually a spy who travels the world stopping terrorists. We first see Jean Claude as an out of shape, over the hill version of himself stuck reminiscing on what a has been he's become after taking a five-year hiatus from spy craft. Realizing how much he misses taking out bad guys. Jean Claude decides to get back in the game. His manager (Phylicia Rashad) gets him put in an action movie version of Huckleberry Finn directed by the young, up and coming director Gunnar (Tim Peper), and put on the trail of an international drug cartel in Bulgaria, where the movie is being filmed. But Jean Claude can't exactly jump back into the game without a few hiccups along the way. It's gonna take him some time before he starts doing that vintage Van Dammeage! If you love Van Damme, you'll love the meta-jokes in this one. From him having an identical twin as a nod to all the double roles Van Damme has played in his career, to jokes about his frustration that none of the criminals he takes out recognize him, all the way to him ending up in situations exactly like the ones in his biggest movies including some that involve time travel, there was so much to love if you love Jean Claude. Especially the shots of his bod! The tight tushed master of the splits showed he still looks amazing without a shirt on when he lets us watch him shower off his amazing abs. That'll get your blood pumping until you're sporting a massive boner! It'll get you harder than a hard target! We also see Nicolas Pajon getting tatted, before stomping around with his shirt off, but this one's all about JCVD! Jean-Claude will have your hands all over your Van Johnson!