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From Here on OUT (2014)

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From Here on OUT (2014) focuses on the misadventures of aging gay writer Jimmy Randall played by the show’s real life creator and writer Terry Ray. As such, this sitcom follows Jimmy as he jumps through the proverbial hoops to produce, develop and select the talent for his much-beloved television series Guy Dubai: International Gay Spy, a project he’s been trying to get made for decades. To appease the 18-year-old network president (Austin Robert Miller) who green-lit the show, Jimmy must hire an openly gay leading man or totally lose the deal. Needless to say, hilarity ensues when the desperate writer casts a secretly straight actor named Sam (T.J. Hoban) as the star. To keep the production on schedule, Jimmy and Sam need to convince the head brass at the TV station that they’re an item. This means Sam pretends to fancy men! As you can guess, the scheme leads to awkward, amusing and arousing situations. Best of all, Mr. Hoban bares his built bod throughout the run. Check out his washboard abs and muscular ass in episodes 1 and 6. In between, he parades his impressive pecs. Not to be outdone, Emrhys Cooper, Gary Anthony Stennette, Junade Khan and Michael Lanham tout their naked T&A in episode 3. The risqué romp also includes Juliet Mills, Julie Brown, Suzanne Whang, and Adrian Gonzalez’s back and buns. Too bad the series only lasted for one season. No doubt, the show prematurely blew its load when Jesse Pepe and Spike Mayer went full frontal!