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Hung (2009-2011)

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You've gotta play the cards you're dealt in life, whether you're a brilliant genius, an amazing athlete, or just an average dude with an enormous dong.The creators of the HBO comedy Hung sure understood that when they debuted their show in 2009. Lasting three seasons, the show centers around Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane), a former high-school sports star whose low-paid career as a basketball coach really screws him over when his house burns down, and he doesn't have insurance. Strapped for cash, the father of two has no skills, no connections, and no idea how he is going to make any money. One of the women he's slept with keeps it real with him: all he has going for him is his humongous hog. She decides to be his pimp (Jane Adams) and starts rounding up ladies who'd love to go for a ride on his giant rod. While getting money for his mighty member is easy at first, eventually he has to deal with the law, keeping his new gig selling his private part, private, and worst of all, a newer, younger, and possibly just as well-endowed new gigolo (Stephen Amell) becoming his carnal competition. Since it's a show about manwhoring, it's not all that surprising HBO gave us a couple look at these fellas scoring. Eddie Jemison is doing his best in missionary, but as nice as his buns are it's amateur hour compared to the pro stuff. For that, take a look at the hot as Hell Stephen Amell as the young and lean dream flashes his booty railing a woman in a bathroom stall. Sure beats working as a waiter! What was more than worth the wait were all the looks at Thomas Jane's junk. It's mostly ass in the absurd number of sex scenes, but every once in a while, there's a dark, obscured shot of his pecker. Whether he's dressed in a football helmet and railing a former cheerleader, showing his skills in an extended sex montage, pleasing his own pimp, or just letting a woman ride him in front of a roaring fire, getting railed by Ray is worth every buck you paid to...party. Hung will have you hanging on every scene hoping to see the outrageously large peen!