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Hunting Season

Hunting Season (2012-2015)

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Back in the early 2000's before Tik Tok took over the world, all sorts of writers were blowing up with blogs detailing their wildest sexploits. From Tucker Max to Zoe Margolis AKA Abby Lee, if you were a wordsmith with some dirty tales of doing it to tell, you could find an audience, get a book published, and maybe even have a movie made about you. For the gay male crowd, the blogger banger everyone read was "The Great Cock Hunt" by a fella named "Alex." Eventually, the blog became a book, then a 2015 web drama called Hunting Season. Like the book, the show followsAlex (Ben Baur), a single, twentysomething Gawker (RIP) blogger living in the West Village section of Manhattan. Like all annoying people who maintain a blog, Alex thinks he has an interesting life, so he starts blogging under an anonymous name, spilling the goods about himself, his friends, and his many steamy hook-ups. Of course, once the blog becomes a hit his life becomes a mess as plenty of his hookups don't appreciate being outed as his boytoys, and Alex becomes increasingly concerned people are going to trace his peen back to the pen name. It's not going to be hard to hunt down the dong scenes, since the series is definitely not short on skin. In fact, the pilot episode gives a butt-filled threesome composed of Ben Baur, Christopher Hollowell, and Ben Andrews. The third episode is highlighted by a fully erect Baur getting banged by a butt-baring Walker Hare, and the fourth episode gives us some soapy shower schlong from Tyler French. Ben shows his balls all the time on the show, whether he's boning Tyler, Walker, or whoever else. But it's not just him! We get to see cock from Ronald Lopez, David Lavine, and even watch Tayte Hanson take a hold of his hog while taking a leak! Marc Sinoway gets super gay by having sex with Hunter Hoffman. Michael Sirow is a plumber who whips out his dick, showing Ben how he trims his pubes, and on and on. Gawk at all that cock! Who knew a blog could be this sexy! Hunting Season? More like humping season!


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