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HAPPY! (2017-2019)

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Lasting two seasons on SyFy starting in 2017, Happy! is a dark comedy series about a gritty cop that teams with a girl's imaginary unicorn to save lives. Based on the Grant Morrison graphic novel of the same name, legendary DILF Christopher Meloni stars as Nick Sax, a drunk mess of a former detective turned hitman turned cab driver. After a heart attack, Nick wakes up to find that he is constantly followed by Happy (Patton Oswalt), a blue unicorn that nobody else can see. Happy is a peppy little fella, but it ends up he's not Nick's guardian angel. Nick's daughter Hailey has been kidnapped, and Happy is her imaginary friend that she's sent to find her cop hero dad, so that he can save her. Nick goes on the hunt, mixing his murderous impulses and willingness to use torture with Happy's quirky, fun, cartoon attitude in one of the weirdest shows TV has ever seen. Before being cancelled we'd get to meet God (Jeff Goldblum), Mrs. Claus (Alison Fraser), and all sorts of other insane characters. Mr. Man has spent many a night making imaginary love with the sexy Christopher Meloni.Christopheris 100% real and he shows off his really great booty in the pilot episode. We get a peek at his perfect patoot through his open hospital gown at 30 minutes. Chris' keister is really a mainstay of the show, whether he's taking a bath, escaping a fire, or going for a naked run. We are so happy you get to see his buns! While Chris Sax drips sex, if you prefer your men humongous, get a load of Paul Wight AKA WWE's "The Big Show" taking a bug dump totally naked. Christopher Fitzgerald shows his ass when he's fitting his cock into a woman on a sex tape. If you're happy and you know it, clap them cheeks! While Patrick Fischler shows his buns preparing to give it to Mr. Meloni, Ritchie Coster uses a body double for his prison butt scene. Imagine having one of those hotties as a friend, with benefits! HAPPY! will have you fappy!