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Girls to Buy

Girls to Buy (2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


What is girl to do when she has ambitions beyond the borders of the small Polish town where she lives? Why, she starts an exclusive Dubai escort service! In Girls to Buy our small town Polish girl Emi (Paulina Galazka) first is recruited by a madam, and enjoys the business so much that she starts her own company. The cash is so good that Emi is able to get the best of the best to enroll in her service. But throughout Girls To Buy, the glamorous lifestyle to which Emi becomes accustomed to falls apart as the seedy underbelly of sex work makes itself apparent. Is Emi in over her head? Despite her struggles, we can't feel too bad for anyone in Girls to Buy, as they're privy to a trio of sexy naked men! Józef Pawłowski strips down thrice, but his only nude scene goes down when he and Emi skinny dip. Bearded daddy Giulio Berruti makes the most of his nude sex scene by giving us some fantastic looks at his muscular body and ass. And Andrea Preti brings to life the aforementioned seedy side of sex work with his intense nude scene. What these girls are selling, we're buying!