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High Fidelity

High Fidelity (2020)

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High Fidelity (2020) is a Hulu original series based on the Nick Hornsby novel and the movie where a record store owner talks to the camera about her love of music, men, and top-five lists in general as she tries to figure out what's going wrong in her love life. She seems to be doing a lot right based on the men she brings home like Jake Lacy whose shirtless body is once again something to sing about. Kingsley Ben-Adir is sexy in a straight missionary position scene where he's banging our leading lady on the floor. Her legs cover his ass, but his bareback is still king. Thomas Doherty also deprives us of ass, but we'll forgive him because he showed off his big bulge in his underwear. David H. Holmes and Christian Coulson provide much-needed gay content when they make out and dance together at a gay club. There is a montage of them making out in various places and even getting in bed together shirtless. They are both probably naked, but the camera only shows their shirtless chests. All of these hot hunks are making fidelity look ridiculous and infidelity seem sexy.