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I Met a Girl

I Met a Girl (2020)

No Nudity

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I Met a Girl (2020) is an Australian romance about love, life, and the hope for true love when an idealistic young musician becomes convinced that a woman he briefly met is the love of his life. Convinced that he has to find her again after their chance meeting, he goes on a journey across the country to find her and woo her so that they can be together finally. There is a problem. His brother tries to stop him from going and tries to make him see that a lot of this infatuation is in his head. In fact, it might ALL be made up in his head. Is this girl real? Is this relationship real? Is he imagining all of this just to infuse some meaning or purpose into his life? You will have to watch the movie to see and to see, of course, what you personally believe in. This movie is like a true test for whether or not you are romantic. Brenton Thwaites plays our leading man, so if you believe in sexiness then you're in luck. Brenton looks amazing shirtless when he starts making out with his lovely lady. We also get to watch him take a shower. That's right! Check out the wet and wild Brenton in the shower and after the shower when he stands with a towel wrapped around his waist. We do not get to see anything more than that, however. It looks like Brenton Thwaite is making us wait for more nudity.