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Introspectum Motel

Introspectum Motel (2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


For businessman Philippe (Marcel Dorian) traveling just comes with the job and his wife, Susan (Michelle J. Wright) knows that.  So it's not uncommon for him to pick up and head off to a business trip on short notice.  This time around though, things are going to get downright scary for this titan of his industry when he goes back to his favorite spot, the Orpheus Motel.  When Philippe arrives, he immediately asks out the front desk girl, Nina (Laura Ellen Wilson), who rebukes his offer, here enters Paul (Joseph Steyne) though.  You see, Paul is looking for someone to go out on the town with and "have some fun" and the married businessman, Philippe, isn't shy about having a good time.  You see, he's not there on business, he's actually there to meet his mistress Camille (Gabriela Brinza) this visit.  What happens next is a twisted game between Paul and Philippe, two men who divulge secrets to each other, but Paul may already be playing games with Philippe because he seems to know more about him than he's letting on, he also might know a bit more about his wife, Susan, than he thought possible for being a complete stranger!  Lucky for us, the juicy Joseph Steyne comes in with some hot straight sex actions, where we get to see that sexy ass on full display.  We also get some side buns from director and star Marcel Dorian in a couple of skin-tillating scenes in this indie cat & mouse thriller!