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IP Man (2008)

Brief Nudity

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Stunning period drama IP Man (2008) features a superb cast as well as sequences from martial arts choreographer extraordinaire Sammo Hung. The Sino-Japan war drastically changed the lives of thousands of Japanese citizens, including Ip. One with the ways of Wing Chun, Ip is one of the most respected men in his hometown and has a perfect home life to boot. This all changes when, along with the rest of the town’s inhabitants, he is forced into hard labor in 1937 by the Japanese occupiers. When the powerful Colonel singles out Ip for his kick ass fighting skills and orders him to train the army in the ways of Wing Chun, Ip must face the consequence of any resistance. You’ll be one with the ways of touching yourself when you see You-nam Wong’s ass when he gets pantsed in front of a bunch of onlookers. Hey Wong, where’s the dong? 


You-nam Wong

Nude - as Sa Dam Yun

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