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Jesus I Was Evil

Jesus I Was Evil (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Jesus I Was Evil (2018) is a horror film that takes a horrible twist on Christianity! Two sexy female missionaries take their mission trip to a murderous level when they decide to actually go on a killing spree. Calvin Morie McCarthy is the writer and the director who is behind this bloody horror flick. This low-budget film managed to make this horror flick with a budget of only $5,000 which is incredibly low for films, even an independent one. So that is definitely something that they can brag about. They can also brag about malicious kills and sexy thrills that are brought to us by their hot leading men. We get to see some shirtless action from Cameron Lee Price who plays Christian. He does the very Christian thing by taking off his shirt and laying back in bed without clothes to show his tattooed chest. It's a post-coital scene that has us wishing we could have seen the coitus. Next up is John Branch who plays Clifford Brown. We want to get deep inside his brown when he bens over in his gray sweatpants that are sinking low on his ass. That means that we get a good view of his buttcrack. Check out his crack attack in this funny scene and again during an outtake during the end credits. John Branch's coin slot has us wishing that we could put something deep inside that little slot. The women in this movie are evil, but John and Cameron are the ones that are specifically sinfully sexy.