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Joey Jadryev

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Keywords: No Nudity, White, Blond Hair

Birthplace: , US

AKA: Joey Jay

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Joey Jadryev is the hilarious hottie that we know better as Joey Jay. This sexy southwestern stud hails from Phoenix, Arizona, where he proudly does drag under his drag name Joey Jay. Joey Jay often doesn't wear wigs, but she does wear stunning outfits. The best part? Joey is downright hilarious AND hot which seems unfair. How can he be both?! He has a fit figure with big biceps that are shown off in his very tight long-sleeve shirts that are stretched over his muscles. Plus Joey wears adorable little glasses like he's Clark Kent or something. You can't feel us, Joey Jay! We know you're fine no matter how much you want to cover up your face. As one of the losers on RuPaul's Drag Race season 13, Joey began as "the filler queen" who lost her lip sync to Kandy Muse and was put in the Pork Chop Lounge. Thankfully, Joey did not head home right away, so we got to spend plenty of time with this hot little drag number. Joey proved to be hilarious with her original lyrics, but Joey also went out of drag in the workroom to place himself as a strong contender for Trade of the Season. The girls are gagging when they watch Joey get undressed and show off that fine, strapping chest of his. Check out Joey's tattoo on his pecs as he focuses on putting on his makeup in the mirror. No amount of makeup could alter our horniness for Joey!