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Jupiter's Legacy

Jupiter's Legacy (2021)

No Nudity


If you thought that there wasn't enough room in Hollywood for yet another superhero series, then you sir were sorely mistaken! We can never get enough superheroes... especially if they take the time to show off their super hot bods on screen. The newbies in Jupiter's Legacy have much to live up to when it comes to delivering sexy superhero action. After all, we've already seen Henry Cavill's huge hairy chest as Superman, and any superhero enthusiast already knows that Ryan Reynolds flaunted his ass as the foul-mouthed antihero Deadpool. So what could Jupiter's Legacy possibly bring to the table, you ask? As it turns out... plenty! Jupiter's Legacy envisions a world in which the reigning generation of superheroes is aging out of their duties. As they hang up their capes, they invite their children to take over as guardians of Earth. But the impetuous superkids are prone to infighting, greed, and vanity, and their elders struggle to get them to take their duties seriously. If you think this means that Jupiter's Legacy features a bunch of young hot heroes eager to prove their manliness, you are correct! Where do we even start with all of the sweaty shirtless action in Jupiter's Legacy? First off, Franco Lo Presti, who plays Nick of Time (get it?), gets out of bed shirtless. We see his huge defined muscles, handsome face, and dreamy chest fuzz! Ian Quinlan plays Hutch, and he also shows off his amazing bod in the bedroom. Andrew Horton shows off his big wood while shirtless in only his sexy jeans while Jake Lewis delivers the hot tatted action we deserve. Jupiter will take you to GOOPiter!