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Slice us off a nice piece of this Mexican man meat of Marco León because we love the looks of this luscious latino!  Marco comes our way out of our neighbors to the south and he has been burning up the screen on various telenovelas since around 2016.  He got his first recurring acting gig on the popular series, Sueño de amor, and also played various characters on two more long running shows with La rosa de Guadalupe and Como dice el dicho, basically being the sexy guy that drops into a series whenever they need a buff babe with washboard abs!  In 2018 alone, he had parts on three more series with Descontrol, Tres Milagros, and La taxista and became a bit of a recognizable face around Mexico City.  His biggest breakout though was on another long running series on Rosario Tijeras, where he played Máicol for an impressive 58 episodes to date.  That's all well and good, but he really sexes up the small screen on the streaming series The War Next-door, where he plays Diego and is one of the leading hunks on the comedic Netflix series.  While he doesn't give us a look at anything below his belt on the comedy show, he does pop that top regularly though and we get to see how many sit-ups he is capable of doing just by staring at those belly gutters he's got carved into his body!  Hopefully we get to see more of this caramel toned hottie on our screens in the near future because he's so steamy sexy and we are starving for more content from this cutie!