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Maxxx (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Maxxx is a hilarious British comedy series that made its way to the US thanks to Hulu, where you can now stream all of the episodes. Maxxx is a "cringe comedy," meaning that we find humor in the characters even though they're so cringy that they're nearly impossible to watch. However, there's nothing cringy when it comes to the sexy content and nudity in Maxxx! O-T Fagbenle stars as a former boyband member named Maxxx who is trying to jumpstart his career - in part to impress his supermodel ex-girlfriend. Maxxx is more concerned with being famous than necessarily coming across as a good person, or even a sane person, and his shenanigans include some truly wild stunts that you have to see to believe. However we're more concerned with the sheMANigans! In one scene we see O-T Fagbenle passed out after a drug binge, and we get a great look at his hot ass! In the show's most salacious scene, Fagbenle teams up with Oz star Christopher Meloni (what series isn't Christopher in these days?) for an insane devil's threeway! Meloni and the woman fool around as O-T clumsily participates. Part of this participation involves O-T pulling down his pants to show the couple his penis, and us his ass! Speaking of peens, he also discovers a massive dildo! In a different scene Meloni takes center state when he humps a table in his underwear. Needless to say, Christopher Meloni and O-T Fagbenle put the XXX in Maxxx!