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The Duchess

The Duchess (2020)

Brief Nudity


The Duchess (2020) is a Netflix original show set in London from Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan who writes and acts in this hilarious sitcom. She is single from her former pop star husband who gave her a beloved daughter and now she is trying to navigate life as a single mom in London. She clashes with the proper Brits, and her loser ex, a lot. Her daughter gives her joy, so she decides being a mom might be her real calling in love. Before she gets too old, she wants to have another baby. However, there's a lack of men in that department. Between visits to the fertility clinic and bad hookups, she is determined to have another child while continuing to be a good mom to her only daughter. One such hookup is with Steen Raskopoulos who plays Evan. Steen is a lean, mean, sex machine when this hottie with a chiseled body starts out in bed on top of her. There is a nearly 3-minute scene where Steen has his booty out as he tries to get hard enough to bone this babe. He jerks himself off, but we don't see much. Instead, we see his ass and his abs while she tries to talk him into feeling excited. We're excited about the backside view! If only we could see what he has in his hands. Maybe in season two there will be some more dick in The Duchess. Until then, we will just have to dream about seeing Steen's peen.