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Adult Material

Adult Material (2020)

Brief Nudity

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For adult film legend and "MILF Queen" Jolene Dollars aka Hayley Burrows (Hayley Squires), the business has had it's ups and downs (and we ain't talking about the kind of ups and downs you're thinking about!).  It has given her a somewhat lavish lifestyle to support her kids and husband, a house and luxury car, and thousands of adoring fans all over the world.  It has also given her a lifetime worth of embarrassment for her and her family, a legitimate drinking problem, and a sex life that requires her to look around the bedroom with her husband for a camera that isn't there!  We follow the porn diva, Jolene, driving to a porn shoot to open the series and from there the series pinballs around with the mundane nature of the sex industry from the people behind the lens, the dangerous problems that come along with partying with the wrong people in the biz, and what happens when you cross the other side of 33, to which she claims she is still south of.  She takes on a new protege, Amy (Siena Kelly), who takes to the industry like a fish to water, but she also takes to the darker side of it like a rolled up dollar bill to a nostril, and begins dating a producer who has a dark style of shooting and a history of rough stuff with her mentor.  After an incident on set one day causes her to take pause of her future in the industry and the people she surrounds herself with, she soon realizes that everything she built in the smut biz is about as fake as her giant breasts; and her daughter, Phoebe (Alex Jarrett) and husband Rich (Joe Dempsie) might be taking the brunt of the emotional strain.  In a shocking change of pace for Adult Material in general, the only nudity in the series comes from the boys!  Game of Thrones alum Joe Dempsie leads the charge with a few butt shots and Ross Harland and Kris Saddler get cheeky too.  About time the boys do the heavy lifting in a porn centric series!