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Outer Banks

Outer Banks (2020-2023)

No Nudity


One of Gen Z's most beloved Netflix shows, Outer Banks kicked off in 2020 by mixing treasure hunting adventures with teen drama. Set on the North Carolina coast, the show centers around John B (Chase Stokes), the Pogue leader whose father has gone missing while hunting for a sunken ship rumored to have been filled with gold. What's a Pogue? Well, in this section of North Carolina, you're either a working-class Pogue stuck doing blue collar work or a rich Kook living life on your yacht or beach house. John B's buds are all Pogues, but he's in love with a Kook (Madelyn Cline) with an evil dad (Charles Esten), psycho brother (Drew Starkey) and a super-hot but super jealous boyfriend named Topper (Austin North). We'd bottom for him! While this Poge gone rogue causes all sorts of fights between the Kooks and the Pogues, that forbidden romance takes a backseat when John B and his buddies come across a sunken yacht that contains a few clues that John B's dad just might have found that treasure and been murdered for it! For three seasons and counting our treasure hunting squad have been chasing treasure and chasing tail, with the bounty and the booty only getting better with each episode! Boys working on an island and swimming in the ocean? Obviously, they will be shirtless. Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow and Austin North all-star, and all go shirtless. Damn, these tan and toned dudes are fine. Daviss is supposed to be the nerdy one, which makes it a bit odd how shredded he is! Seeing him reading while shirtless is nerdy-hot gold! Rudy's supposed to be the trashy one, but he's somehow gorgeous in that bad boy kind of way. And Austin North is the rich boy we see doing shirtless pullups, who is truly enriching our dirty dreams! But the finest of all is Chase Stokes who is spotted briefly in his underwear. Check out his firm abs and cum gutters along with his bulge. Mr. Stokes will make you stroke! Truly a treasure of Netflix, Outer Banks will add all sorts of riches to your spank banks!