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Wreck (2022-)

Brief Nudity

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The UK horror comedy series Wreck, which premiered in the United States on Hulu in the winter of 2023, stars Oscar Kennedy as Jamie, a young man who has just accepted a job working on the crew of a luxury cruise ship called The Sacramentum. What the rest of the crew doesn't know is that he is in search of his sister Pippa (Jodie Tyack), who was also employed on the ship but recently went missing. Little does Jamie realize, however, that on the open seas, nothing is illegal—strictly speaking—and that the crew serves at the whims of the wealthy and powerful passengers. On the debut episode we meet Peter Claffey's Cormac, who bulges out his boxer briefs while doing a workout in front of Kennedy! Two episodes later we get our first nude scene on the series when Louis Boyer bares his ass while banging a woman in a stateroom! All that hot action is likely to Wreck your underwear!